Flowers and Feelings Woven Throw Blanket Tapestry 花花棉氈

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Flowers and Feelings tapestry & blanket, crafted from 100% cotton, is a visual and tactile celebration of the natural world. It was inspired by the colorful blooms in my garden and the lush forest behind it. Each thread of 'Flowers and Feelings' tells a story of interconnectedness of all living beings and our need for one another.

Flowers and feelings is more than just a tapestry. It is an invitation to experience nature's beauty. It is a piece of art - hang it above your bed or anywhere in the house. It is a versatile blanket - perfect for cozy moments at home. It is a picnic throw - for all your adventures. Wrap yourself in the warmth of nature's embrace and let this magical tapestry evoke your own feelings of wonder.

- Woven 100% cotton
- Size 51 by 62 inches (130 by 160 cm)
- Made in Delaware, USA
- Machine wash in cold water using mild detergent and gentle cycle only. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

*Please keep in mind that due to lighting and differences between computer/phone monitors, the colours may display differently from device to device and may appear slightly different in person.