Juniper Mist Palo Santo Smudge Candle with White Sage Leaf 聖木鼠尾草碎葉淨化蠟燭

Juniper Mist

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這款氣味怡人的蠟燭可幫助您做淨化儀式,無煙,亦不會產生強烈氣味。非常適合居家、工作間、療癒儀式、旅行或學校使用。便攜的小錫罐,可以帶去任何地方!燃燒時間 25 小時以上。




來自美國靈修聖地 Sedona,小批手工製作,以愛創造。




JUNIPERMIST Palo Santo Smudge Candle with real White Sage Leaf is designed to cleanse negative energy from your surroundings and help you manifest a positive and peaceful atmosphere.

  • Palo Santo (Holy Wood) - Infused with the aroma of palo santo essential oil, this candle cleanses and fills your space with a soothing, grounding and magical fragrance.
  • Pure & Healthy - Made from 100% soy wax, real essential oils, and a lead-free cotton wick: our smudge candle is safe for you and your home. It's the perfect ally on your spiritual journey!
  • Powerful Energy Cleansing - Use our sage candle to cleanse the house's negative energy, creating a serene and tranquil environment. It's ideal for meditation or spiritual rituals.
  • Charged In The Sedona Vortex - Small batch crafted in one of the world's most beautiful and sacred places by JUNIPERMIST - a small family company with a big vision. We are the original smokeless smudging specialist.