Crystal Grid - Co-Creation Lotus (Water Vitalizer)  L size

Crystal Grid - Co-Creation Lotus (Water Vitalizer) L size

Sacred Creation

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🔸 代表合一和共同創造

🔸 提升你的神聖空間的頻率
🔸 利用水晶陣召喚宇宙萬有能量,達成指定目標
🔸 活化水能量
🔸 環保膠鐳射雕刻
🔸 L:24 x 24 厘米

Co-creation Lotus 神聖幾何,代表合一與共同創造。

 什麼是水晶陣 ( Crystal Grid) ?



水的活化器(Water Vitalizer)

這板子也可作為 Water Vitalizer 使用,能強效淨水之餘,也能中和水的記憶。把水放在玻璃容器中,在板上擱上 10 分鐘,就能達到能量淨化的效果。(但要過濾物理雜質,你需要的是水過濾器。)

 🔸 Represents Unity and Co-Creation from the Heart

🔸 Raises the Frequency of your Sacred Space
🔸 Bend the Universal Life Force to a specific goal with this Crystal Grid
🔸 Can be used as a Water Vitalizer
🔸 Made of Laser Engraved Recycled Acrylic
🔸 Large Size: 24 x 24 cm

🌳This product plants One Tree 

The Sacred Geometry of the Crystal Grid – Co-Creation Lotus represents Unity and Co-Creation from the heart.

Together in Unity we can create a powerful loving light. Growing from within, expanding outwards into the Universe.

This in turn, draws more people to the Co-Creation to Co-Create and connect with us and add their unique light to the whole.

Together, growing the collective light.

What is a Crystal Grid?

To put it simple, it’s a way to work with crystals. Usually it involves arranging them into certain (sacred) geometric shapes or patterns. By building a Crystal Grid you can bend the Universal Life Force to a specific goal. Of course, this is just one example of what a Crystal Grid is used for. It can have many purposes! For example, healing, protection, prosperity, love, manifesting or anything you need help with.

Crystal grids harness the energy of groups of crystals and sacred geometry. Combined together, they create a shift in energy. This shift in energy sets many things in motion, bringing your desired change. But do keep in mind, that change can come in many forms. So don’t expect a certain outcome. But instead, be open to all possibilities.

Besides creating a shift in energy, they can also maintain the energy of a situation or anchor an energy.

Water Vitalizer

Our drinking water is no longer as safe as we might think it is. Besides the fact that it has many impurities, water also carries all kinds of information and sometimes dirty energy. With a water vitalizer you can energetically clean the water. This Sacred Geometric Plate can also be used as a water vitalizer. This plate contains a huge amount of sacred geometry, which energetically cleans the water and neutralizes the memory of the water.

By putting a glass or a decanter with water on the plate for about 10 minutes, fully energetically cleans the water.To filter the physical impurities of your drinking water, you’ll need a water filter.