Celestial ~ Blossoming into the Fullness of Self-Generosity [ SELF LOVE | 自愛 ]

PureHeart Alchemy

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Celestial 幫助我們在自己的神聖存有中注入寧靜,產生寬恕和自我接納。它有助我們尋找內在指引的標誌和符號。伴隨著紫羅蘭色/粉紅色的振動頻率,這支噴霧淨化並轉化我們的能量場,讓我們在寬恕中療癒,恢復童心。

指導屬性 自愛

  • 自我慷慨的圓滿綻放
  • 深化自愛的療癒過程
  • 培養對自己的溫柔和善
  • 感受因對自己誠實而產生的溫暖
  • 保持二元性的頻率,同時連接兩個世界

圖騰 海豚 🐬

  • 通過喜悅來來療癒
  • 帝王風範
  • 心靈的純潔和嬉戲
  • 連接現實領域

香氣 新鮮雲呢拿利口酒中,透出溫暖花香,培養我們欣賞自我內在美

PureHeart Alchemy 創作筆記

「當我們需要一些自愛滋養時刻時,我們 ❤️ 用 Celestial。這支噴霧適合用來開始新的一天,也適合讓你一整個下午跟沙發與心愛的書作伴,與自己進行一場自我照顧的終極約會。」


愛、野生泉水、生物動力花卉和寶石精華、有機伏特加、有機增溶劑(椰子和杏仁)、24K 單原子金、強化水晶






* 注意:懷孕期間應謹慎使用,使用精油前請諮詢你的健康顧問

Celestial helps bring stillness to our own Divine Presence, generating forgiveness and self-acceptance. It assists in our internal search for the signs and symbols of inner guidance. Vibrating with a violet/pink light, this myst cleanses and transmutes energies within the Auric field, to heal through forgiveness and a return to a playful heart. 


  • Blossoming into the fullness of Self generosity
  • Deepens the healing process of Self-love realisation 
  • Fostering tenderness and kindness to self 
  • Feel the warmth that arises from practicing honesty with oneself
  • Holding the frequency of Duality, bridging two worlds at once

TOTEM ~ Dolphin

  • Healing through a joyful heart
  • Regal graciousness 
  • Pureness of heart and playfulness 
  • Bridging realms of reality

SCENT ~ fresh vanilla liqueur with warm floral notes assists in nurturing the appreciation of our own inner beauty

Notes from PureHeart Alchemy

" We ❤️ Celestial when we're in need of some self-loving nurture time. It's the perfect Myst to start the day with or for a afternoon cuddle-puddle on the couch with yourself and a favourite book for the ultimate date with self care."


Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals

Flower Essences
Lilac Rose ~ Angelica ~ Sage ~ Hearts Ease 

Essential Oils
Vanilla ~ Clary Sage ~ Geranium Bourbon ~ Myrrh ~ Rose ~  Spruce ~ Frankincense ~ Blue Tansy


* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils