[ Men's Blend ] Calm and Gentle

[ Men's Blend ] Calm and Gentle

Saskia's Flower Essences

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建議用法:舌下 7 滴,每日兩次或需要時服用

* 本系列針對男性議題而調配,但其應用並不局限於生理男性,任何人士面對以上問題,皆可服用,另本系列 10% 利潤捐贈男性健康計劃及慈善組織 * 

For those times in life when you are feeling intolerant, frustrated, impatient and/or angry.

This essence blend is designed to bring you back to a place of love, understanding and calm when you get pulled out of balance. It contains essences to help bring you back to centre and deal with things in a respectful and loving way.

Contains the energy imprint of:

Beech – for tolerance 容忍

Bindweed – release from constriction 擺脫束縛

Cherry Plum – calm and clear 平靜清晰

Holly - compassion 同理心

Impatiens - patience 耐心

Nettle - clear boundaries 劃清界線

Oak - steadying 穩定

Weld – perspective 視野

 If you don’t identify as male but are drawn to use these essence blends please do … flower essences are not gender specific in any way. However I know many men and boys who are struggling with the issues these blends address and wanted to make essences more accessible for those males who haven’t been drawn to use them before.

10% of all sales of this product will be donated to men’s wellness projects and charities.

Size: 30ml