GOSIA ORLOWSKA 的 G-Line 系列旨在通過水晶及精油等等,促進脈輪平衡、強化意念,帶來療癒。每一個脈輪都有自己獨特的治療色,也與彩虹中出現的顏色相同。這些純淨的光譜色會影響感官,達到平衡身心靈的作用。

G-Line isn’t just about beautiful jewellery – it’s about bringing intention, balance, and healing into the wearer’s daily life through Chakra balance, healing stones, and essential oils. Each of our Chakras has it’s own unique healing color, which are also the same colors that appear in a rainbow. These pure, spectral colors can be used to energetically influence the senses, balancing the body, mind and soul.