YOGAMANIA Notebook - English Version

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The Yogamania Notebook divided into 2 sections:

Part 1 - Mini Yoga Dictionary and notepages

From guideline of choosing yoga outfits & props to bookmarks on yoga blogs, from yoga anatomy to yoga history, Yogamania provides extensive yoga information for quick your referencing.

Use the lined notepages with figure template layout according to your needs: Study the postures by making note and/or coloring any part of body engaged throughout the practice; Create the page you prefer on the blank notepages to insert drawings, notes and anything else!

Part 2 - Yoga posture cards (80 cards)

Every copy of Yogamania comes with a deck of yoga posture cards so you can tear-it-off to start playing with your practice right away, and for yoga teachers to creatively sequence a yoga class.


●  Size: 13cm (W) x 21cm (H) x 1.6cm (D)

● Page: 192

● Paper: 100 gsm cream-colored

● Weight: 0.4kg

● Cover: Soft-cover

● Colour straps: Yellow/ Blue/ Green