Jewells ~ Unifying with the Stillness of Love [ LOVE | 愛 ]

PureHeart Alchemy

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Jewells 詮釋了令人陶醉的靈魂語言,頌揚內在美的圓滿,同時量化宇宙之愛的神聖本質。 Jewell 是和諧的表達,温柔地擴展靈魂永生。

指導屬性  愛

  • 進入愛的領域,喜悅升起時
  • 獲得內在療癒,實現真實自我
  • 進入從寬恕中產生的自由
  • 覺得到微妙的愛的雷達,激活我們「心」的智力
  • 欣賞你存在於神聖的、更高的和宇宙自我中的智慧

圖騰 孔雀 🦚️

  • 誠信與活力
  • 重振自尊
  • 善良
  • 福報
  • 喚醒愛的本色

香氣 柔和的玫瑰香氣召喚感恩之心,而深沉的苔蘚味釋放內心深處的慈悲

PureHeart Alchemy 創作筆記

「我們 ❤️ Jewells 幫助人打開心扉......在頭腦能量過多,或在感到與世界失去連結時,Jewells 幫助我們變得柔軟,並臣服於我們神聖的心中心。」


愛、野生泉水、生物動力花卉和寶石精華、有機伏特加、有機增溶劑(椰子和杏仁)、24K 單原子金、強化水晶


7 朵儀式玫瑰、翡翠蘭花、路易斯安那鳶尾、鼠尾草




綠翡翠 ~ 孔雀石


* 注意:懷孕期間應謹慎使用,使用精油前請諮詢你的健康顧問

A Myst that illustrates the intoxicating language of the soul, Jewells celebrates the Fullness of Inner Beauty whilst quantifying the sacredness of universal Love. Jewell is an expression of harmony, gently expanding the eternal inheritance of your limitless Soul.


  • Feeling into Love’s Event Horizon of Stillness as Joy itself Rises
  • Access to Inner healing and realising our True Self 
  • Access to the Freedom which emerges from forgiveness
  • Being attentive to love’s subtle radar to activate our heart-intelligence
  • Appreciation of the wisdom found within your Sacred, Higher and Universal Selves  

TOTEM ~ Peacock  🦚️

  • Integrity and vibrancy
  • Rejuvenation of self-esteem
  • Kind-heartedness
  • Good fortune
  • Awakening into Love’s true colours

SCENT ~ soft Rose scent opens us to Gratitude, while deep mossy-notes deepen the Toriodal Heart-field of Compassion 

A note from PureHeart Alchemy

" We ❤️ Jewells as a heart opener.... in times of too much mental energy or when we're feeling disconnected, Jewells helps us soften and surrender to our sacred heart centre" 


Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals

Flower Essences
7 Ritual Roses ~ Emerald Orchid ~ Louisiana Iris ~ Sage 

Essential Oils
Rose ~ Rosewood ~ Oak Moss ~ Mugwort ~ Pepper ~ Patchouli ~ Cedarwood

Crystal Essences
Green Jade ~ Malachite


* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils