Heart of Light 光之心

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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接著第 12 脈輪會喚醒記憶,那是我們獨特的靈性開端以進入時空的延續,然後第15脈輪也會打開到神聖幾何起源的「宇宙秩序」。

備有 15mL 滴瓶。

單方學名:Phragmipedium Grouville 鬍拉密鞋蘭

Heart of Light provides a liberating feeling as it launches our emotional body out of old patterns of defensiveness into Universal Connectedness to be experienced an on-going pattern of endless flow. Rapidly releases emotional armouring of the heart, expanding the chest, allowing the heart chakra to extend back and re-connect to the central axis of the aura. The 12th chakra then awakens our memory of our unique spiritual inception into the Time/Space continuum. The 15th chakra opens as well to the residence of "Universal Order", the home of sacred geometry.