Emotional Relief - for when life is just too much

Emotional Relief - for when life is just too much

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🏆 2022 The Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards Winner - Best Flower Essence Blend - For emotional support 🏆


Borage - 以冷靜、平衡的方法應對
Buttercup - 重新感到自信
Cowslip- 感到受滋養
Dandelion - 處在當下
Dicentra- 找出時間與空間療癒你的心
Potentilla- 愛自己
Wild Garlic- 宇宙的支持

用法:需要時滴舌下 7 滴

This award winning essence blend gives support and lets you know things will get better and that you will get through it. For times when you feel tearful and that nothing will ever improve.

Ideal for immediate and raw grief, situations where you feel you might fall apart and can’t cope and are in need of a hug.


Borage - to be able to cope in a calm balanced way
Buttercup - to feel confident again
Cowslip- for feeling nurtured
Dandelion - staying present
Dicentra- finding time and space to heal your heart
Potentilla- to love yourself
Wild Garlic- universal support

Size: 30ml

Suggested Use: Place seven drops under the tongue when needed