Calm Me Down

Calm Me Down

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yes 心智祥和平靜

yes 掌控行為舉止

yes 留心專注,思考清晰




用法: 每天3次,每次7滴,滴於舌下。一瓶可用3-4周。



Transform emotional turmoil

yes emotionally and mentally calm and composed

yes in control of your behaviour and actions

yes pay attention, think clearly and concentrate

  getting upset and losing control

  emotional extremes and irrational behaviour

  irritable, agitated or bad-tempered

Dose directions: 7 drops under the tongue, 3 times per day. Each bottle lasts for 3 to 4 weeks.

Calm Me Down is made by combining flower essences of

Bell Heather - self confidence; centered individuality

Daisy - stay calm, feel safe

Lady’s Mantle - bring the light of consciousness into the unconscious

Laurel - bring about order and organization

Monkey Flower - self-assurance, courage to overcome problems

Wild Pansy - presence of mind and composure

Willowherb - self-control, self-mastery over inner driving impulses