Rebalance Essence & Mist Duo

Rebalance Essence & Mist Duo

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Rebalance Essence & Mist Duo contains 1 x 50ml Sacred Earth Room Mist and 1 x 30ml Rebalance Combination Essence.

Rebalance Combination Essence can relieve anxiety, fear and tension and is especially beneficial during times of stress or trauma.

Sacred Earth Grounding Room Mist 100ml is a deeply grounding mist when we are seeking security, support and strong energetic foundations.

The mist and essence used together create a powerful duo effect.

Rebalance can:-

  • keep you calm and alleviate panic attacks
  • restore feelings of safety, peace and courage to cope with stressful situations
  • give you confidence
  • help you remain relaxed and feel positive
  • be effective in supporting the base or root chakra associated with support and foundations

Sacred Earth can:-

  • be beneficial during periods of stress and anxiety
  • promote a sense of calm, peace and grounding
  • is effective for calming the mind, clearing negativity and easing emotional discomfort
  • augments feeling supported, safe and secure
  • reduce emotional discomfort and still the mind
  • is effective for the base chakra