YANA “The Path” MALA

  • $1,148.00

When there seems no way out and the path seems to have no end, the Yana mala brings light and hope and expands our horizon by freeing our mind of impractical views and ideas. In the daytime, the Yana mala encourages a proper communication between our intellect and intuition to help deal with difficult tasks, while at night it calms the active mind, lends a deep and restful sleep and assists in dissolving behavioral habits that inhibit our ability to walk freely on our spiritual path. 


108 beads 6mm +1 guru bead 8mm, Amazonite, Garnet, Rock Crystal Quartz and Howlite gemstones. 18-karat gold-plated silver 925, natural hemp cord and cotton tassel. Natural gemstone, vegan-friendly mala.

YOUR PORTABLE SANCTUARY - Your mala was mindfully created to lead you through your meditation, guide you in your yoga practice and protect you in your daily life. Wearing the mala will encourage you to connect with your inner self, recall your positive intentions and discover your full potential in life.