White Pear Tree Mist - Tree of Joy ( 30mL spray)

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White Pear Tree 連結內心深處的渴望,這是鼓舞人心的樹,讓你打開眼睛看見生命之美。White Pear 有欣喜活躍的陰性能量,可以加強自我接納,打開心房。只要你願意承諾去追隨天命對你的期許,White Pear 會幫助你找到人生的道路。當你需要顯化生命的豐盛時,White Pear 會是你的好選擇。







The White Pear Tree connects you with your heart’s desire – this is a hugely uplifting, joyful tree that opens your eyes to the beauty of life. White Pear has an exuberant, feminine energy that enhances self-acceptance and open-heartedness. It may assist you with finding your path in life provided that you have the commitment to follow through with what is asked of you. The White Pear may be a good essence to use when you need to manifest abundance in your life.

Affirmation: My inner Light is a gift to the world. I shine my Light and rejoice in its beauty.

Enhances: Joy, Beauty, Self-Acceptance

Tree Essence: White Pear

Essential oils: Coriander, frankincense, ylang ylang, patchouli, fynbos oil: cape may

Colour Essence: Coral Pink 

Suggested Uses: Mist the energy field to balance feelings of lack of self-acceptance; connects you with your beauty and joy. Use when you are feeling self-critical.