Voice Confidence

Voice Confidence

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yes 自信地表達自己

yes 清晰流暢地溝通

yes 相信自己、自我感覺良好 




用法: 每天3次,每次7滴,滴於舌下。一瓶可用3-4周。


Let your light, beauty and talent shine 

yes express yourself with confidence 

yes articulate and communicate clearly and freely 

yes feel good about, and believe in yourself 

  low self esteem inhibiting full self-expression 

  fear of criticism, disapproval or making mistakes 

  over concerned with what others think of you

Dose directions: 7 drops under the tongue, 3 times per day. Each bottle lasts for 3 to 4 weeks.

Voice Confidence is made by combining flower essences of

Elecampane - believe in yourself and your abilities

Garden Pea - clear articulation and communication

Holy Thorn - self-love and acceptance

Lady’s Mantle - mindful, balanced and conscious expression

Rose Alba - channel creative power through words and action

Scots Pine - listen and trust your own inner knowing and wisdom

Sea Holly - let your light and beauty shine

Thistle - inner security and strengthen, courage of heart