Soul Vision Oracle Cards

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色彩豐富的 Soul Vision Oracle Cards 是創作者 Sandra 與宇宙的共同創造。意象和文字充滿魔幻、靈敏又光亮的能量。


Soul Vision Cards 反映你的內在心泉,提醒你穿越肉眼的迷障,相信直覺,明晰地覺知答案。在生命不同面向中,了悟到萬物歸一。

一套卡包括 48 張特大卡片((145 mm x 102 mm),印刷精美,紙質特厚,倍添收藏價值。附送特製、色彩豐富的棉袋,讓你妥為保存。在你自由書寫、做瑜伽、或冥想的時候,讓這套卡成為你的心靈導引。

創作者、來自德國的 Sankra Krensel 對製作過程有堅持,選用當地小型印刷公司,公平貿易包裝,力求達到公平與環保。


These soul vision oracle cards have been colourfully co-created with the universe: Images and texts full of magic, sensitivity and illuminating power.

Just like a clear breeze, these cards are meant to invite you to enjoy the moment, to feel the connection with the cosmos und to trust your own inner guidance. They create the connection between the sky and earth, vision and energy, strategy and fantasy.

The soul vision cards are a mirror of inner wisdom and guidance. They are a reminder to look beyond the visible, to find one’s answers in clarity and alignment, and to trust your intuition.

Discover the different facets of life and realize that everything unifies to a powerful starlight.

All the cards have been ruminantly painted, designed and written. The card set consists of 48 extra large cards (145 mm x 102 mm). Extra thick paper and a brilliant, shiny finish will turn you into a true treasure that mixes easily.They come protected in a soft, printed cotton bag.

Every image holds symbols, colours and patterns which give you energy pulses.
You can always find something new in the cards.

You can either use these soul vision cards as a complete set, or draw one card a day or for a little break. Let this help you to open up your journaling, your yoga flow or your meditation.

Created by German artist Sandra Krensel, these cards are produced in the highest quality and in a manner that is as fair and sustainable as possible. Sandra works with local businesses for the printing and the manufacturing. The packaging is made fair trade as well.