Sea Guarrie Tree Mist - Tree of Inspiration ( 30mL spray)

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Sea Guarrie 擁有閃爍熱情的能量,就像流動的陽光能更新生命。Sea Guarrie 幫助我們重新找回生命基底、興奮與熱情。這是振奮人心的樹,可以激發創造力,帶來新能量,光彩照耀我們的生命旅程。這個花精可以提振冷漠與不起勁。







The Sea Guarrie tree holds a bubbly, sparkling energy – like liquid sunshine it offers a sense of renewal. Sea Guarrie brings back colour, excitement and enthusiasm – this is an uplifting tree that energizes the creative spirit. It brings in new energy to inspire and lighten your journey and this essence may help to balance depression, apathy and indifference.

Affirmation: Love is the source of my inspiration and joy. I create miracles of great beauty in my life.

Enhances: Idealism, art, dolphin & whale energy, the sea, teaching

Tree Essence: Sea Guarrie

Essential oils: Bergamot, clary sage, sandalwood, fynbos oil: zinziba

Colour Essence: Turquoise

Suggested Uses:To aid in dissolving an artistic block, to bring in a feeling of upliftment and enhance creativity. Good to use for scattered attention and technological overload.