Duo Rose Quartz Diffuser Bracelet

  • $328.00


Rose quartz - self healing stone that symbolizes love, peace, and calming energy. 
Rosewood - known to aid in healing physical and spiritual illnesses.

This listing is for two bracelets as described below:

Bracelet 1

Natural Rosewood
Rose quartz
Strawberry quartz
Sterling silver heart charm 

Bracelet 2

Natural Rosewood
Gemstone heart - will randomly be picked and may include any of the following: rose quartz, quartz, agate, purple jade, opalite or jasper)

All bracelets are made with latex-free stretchy cord


Simply rub a drop of your favorite essential oil directly to any of the natural rosewood beads and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your oils all day. The scent will diffuse for 1-2 days depending on your oils. Some oils are stronger than others and may last longer. 


6.5 inches



Note: These are natural stones and each bead has its own unique markings. No two bracelets will be exactly identical. 

Sizing Information:
Sizes available 6.5 - 8 inches