Seed of Life | Charoite & Black Tourmaline | Quantum Leap Vibe Catcher

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This is created to encourage you to let go of the past and to move into the next chapter of your life - with love, luck and protection on your side. Place in your abundance, career or love corners to activate these area. 

Sacred Geometry 

Seed of Life - universal symbol of creation and fertility. helps to plant the seed for new beginnings, change and prosperity, aids abundance


Charoite 紫龍晶 - a stone of transformation that reminds us when one door closes, another opens; connects the heart and the crown chakra, aids the processing and understanding of lessons, assists in letting go. 

Black Tourmaline 黑碧璽 - ultimate stone of protection, acts like a sponge, absorbing negative and harmful energies, blocks EMPs, grounding

Kunzite 紫鋰輝石 - emits the highest vibration of love, divine love, attracts abundance, heals the heart and connects you to the wisdom of the higher realms

The Do's: 

- cleanse regularly with your preferred method (sacred smoke, white light visualizations, bells, singing bowls, Reiki, etc.) 

- detangle the strands as needed 

- promptly wipe any fingerprints after handling to avoid damaging the delicate gold-plated surfaces (a microfiber cloth is best) 

- hang from ceiling hooks, secured nails, or reusable 'Command Hooks' with sticky backs (best for lighter/smaller vibes) 

- use as a visualization and manifestation tool to call in your best life

The Dont's: 

- keep away from water and high humidity to preserve the integrity of the gold-plating 

- do not leave outside 

- avoid hanging in windy areas 

- keep out of reach of small children and animals 

- be mindful of hanging overhead where it may fall or cause injury