Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection

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yes  感覺安全、正面及強壯 

yes  防衛及強化你的個人能量場 

yes  與他人互動時,避免吸收負能量








Protect yourself from negative energies 

yes  feel safe and secure, positive and strong 

yes  defend and reinforce your personal energy field 

yes  interact with others without absorbing negativity

 highly sensitive to external negative influences

 powerless to set limits and distance yourself from toxic people 

anxiety reaction to emotional or psychic attack

Dose directions:

Spray directly into the mouth, or on the skin or in the aura, as frequently as required. 2 to 3 pumps each time.

Psychic Protection is made by combining flower essences of Ancient Yew - set clear boundaries and stand in your power 

Daisy - calm, centred and self-assured 

Iona Pennywort - clear judgement and discernment

Rose Alba - connect with and direct your creative power 

Thistle - sense of inner security and strength 

Watercress - transform negative energies and strengthen your inner defenses

Wintergreen - stay awake and aware, even in difficult times