Palo Santo / Incense Cone Holder - Black & White 秘魯陶瓷聖木/塔香座 - 黑白 *附送聖木

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秘魯北部城市 Chulucanas 向以陶器聞名,這個線香座由當地著名工匠 Luis Sandoval 精心設計、用心鑄造。Luna Sundara 與不同的秘魯工匠合作設計配合線香及聖木使用的陶器,品牌相信這有助推出本土社區發展,帶動良好的連鎖效應,從而影響全球。

每個香座附有棉質小布袋及 5 根聖木,方便收納。多色選擇,每個大小 5" x 5" x 0.5"。


* 為免運送期間造成破損,本貨品只限順豐/灣仔店自取

Originating from Chulucanas, a city in northern Peru that’s renowned for its pottery, this Palo Santo holder is exquisitely crafted and uniquely designed. 

  • This beautiful Palo Santo holder is handmade by master artisan Luis Sandoval and his team of artisans to provide you with an authentic and meaningful experience.
  • Palo Santo sticks that have a diameter of up to 0.5 inches and a length of 4-6 inches.
  • Includes a cotton drawstring bag for safe storage and 5 sticks of Palo Santo sticks.

Luna Sundara works closely alongside Peruvian artisans to create unique pottery pieces in various styles. We deeply believe in the importance of empowering local artisans to change their local communities for the better, creating a positive chain reaction that grows to impact the whole world. Please join us in spreading the word and helping to forge a better future for these talented artisans.

Dimensions: 5in. x 5in. x 0.5in.