Paletta Pro Yoga Mat 4mm - Catching Rainbow

  • $729.00

About the mat:

  • 4mm thick - Extra cushiony feature provides you with the best support and joint protection you need for your practice
  • 173cm X 61cm - fit for every poses
  • Made of Polyurethane. PVC and latex-free. No toxic materials and safe to use for you and our planet
  • Good grip and non-slippery. Ensure you will not slide all over the place in your Goddess pose
  • Weight - 2.5kg  

How to take care of your mat:

  • Use a clean cloth to wipe your Paletta mat after each practice. 
  • Hand wash with cold water and soap or gentle machine cold wash regularly (around 2-3 months of use). Apply a small amount of detergent only. 
  • No spin-dry. Hang it to air-dry. 
  • After travelling with you for a day folded, time to let your mat rest. Best to store your mat rolled to keep it crease-free and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.