Paletta Foldable Travel Mat 1mm - Pawfect Picnic

  • $629.00

Go outdoor, lie down on the grass, look up at the sky, feel the sun and enjoy the breeze with your paw friend 🐶.. Enjoy a moment of laziness on our “Pawfect Picnic” mat will fuel you with loads of energy!

Artist's Collection by Charlene Man:
There is a devious innocence in the simplicity of Artist Charlene Man’s joyful compositions; her colourful works invite all into a world of arrestingly bold humour, where an approach to the punchline is the relatability of it all. Based between both London and Hong Kong, her inspirations follow her from everyday life, a mixed culture calliope brimming with more than just a happy image.She begins to publish under @lazypress since 2016, slowly publishing and producing limited editions to spread the love of laziness. Her publications included Lazy Yoga Guide, Lazy Travel: Mexico City, Cut the Small Talk and Lazy Magazine etc.
About the mat:
  • 1.1kg - Lightweight and you can carry it to travel around the world with no pressure
  • 1mm thick - Rollable and FOLDABLE! Can be put in almost every bag 
  • 173cm X 61cm - fit for every poses 
  • Made of natural rubber. PVC and latex-free - No toxic materials and safe to use for you and our planet
  • Suede surface - good grip and non-slippery. Ensure you will not slide all over the place in your Goddess pose 

How to take care of your mat:

  • Use a clean cloth to wipe your Paletta mat after each practice. 
  • Hand wash with cold water and soap or gentle machine cold wash regularly (around 2-3 months of use). Apply a small amount of detergent only. 
  • No spin-dry. Hang it to air-dry. 
  • After travelling with you for a day folded, time to let your mat rest. Best to store your mat rolled to keep it crease-free and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.