Natural Moisturising Lipstick (Semi-Matte) 全天然有色潤唇膏 (半啞光)

  • $198.00

🔸 冷榨野生椰子油 - 採自所羅門群島的天然環境,具滋潤、防曬和抗菌功效,為肌膚提供保護屏障
🔸 牛油果油 - 有效活化皮膚組織,修復受損肌膚
🔸 荷荷巴油 - 天然滋潤及補濕因子,令 肌膚保持光澤、有彈性
🔸 A 級原生乳木果油 - 極級滋潤、溫和、易吸收
🔸 半啞光 Semi-matt,不太乾,也不會過度反光 
🔸 可先塗有色唇膏,再在面層加上無色 Coconut Matter 椰子油潤唇膏,營造豐唇光感效果

5 款顏色已上架,可到 studio 試色:
CLEAR - 無色 
NUDE - 淡紅裸色,自然無妝感,適合大部分膚色 
HOPE - 粉紅色,感覺柔和、清新,尤其適合白哲肌膚
BRONZE - 古銅色,效果自然,令整個臉寵看起來更亮白
VIVID - 橙紅色,更具妝感、型格和立體

Coconut Matter's moisturising lipsticks begin with nature’s best plants and minerals. It contains no fragrances, no synthetic preservatives, and no FD&C dyes. Go ahead, lick your lips.

Key ingredients include:
🔸 WILD organic virgin coconut oil - cold pressed by hand within 60mins of harvest in the pristine Solomon Islands. Coconut oil’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are well known for their health and protection qualities.
🔸 Avocado oil -  renowned to have healing and regenerating properties. It is very useful when treating sun, climate or chemical damaged skin that is dehydrated and undernourished.
🔸 Cocoa Butter - organic and unrefined, rich in emollient moisturising properties, rejuvenating for the skin and naturally rich in antioxidants.
🔸 A grade unrefined shea butter - the finest quality and intensely nourishing, it is also gentle and easily absorbed into your skin.

🔸 Natural-looking, semi-matte finishing, or
🔸 Gloss up with a lip balm for days you prefer to bit of shine
5 colors at your choice:
CLEAR - no color 
NUDE - natural red color with a natural brown undertone to complement all skin tone
HOPE - gentle and soft pink
BRONZE - light maroon, one of those universally flattering shades that look lovely on all skin tones
VIVID - perfect for a night out and looking for that ‘wow’ factor