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‘It is written in the stars’

The phase of the Moon and the Universe have a greater influence on our lives
than we realize. Ancient civilizations were intensely occupied with the universe. Temples, pyramids and other important structures were built in harmony with the position of the stars and planets. The lunar calendar is as old as humanity itself. This Moon Calendar helps you get the best out of yourself and understand the rhythms of nature again. The power of the Moon is clear to see in the tides, a natural phenomenon caused by the magnetic force of the Moon.

Human beings are made up of at least 65 percent water, and so the Moon, the ultimate female body, also has a huge influence on us. Did you know, for instance, that the natural fertility cycle of women keeps time with the lunar cycle? The Moon Calendar teaches you to understand and use the lunar phases and explains the star signs. It will help you to live life more consciously and fully. How to be the best version of yourself, and how to live with the cycle of nature. You will discover hitherto hidden abilities. You will also come to understand yourself and the world around you better. If you consider the magic of the Moon and the Universe, you can give each part of your life more power and brilliance.

The Moon Calendar describes each day the lunar energy and the star sign in which it
is found, the various lunar phases, and is full of tips on the best things to do on that day, together with beautiful quotes and inspirational illustrations. 

365 pages + 12 overview pages before each month with the most big events that month like Full Moon, New Moon, Retrogrades etc) , an introduction page and symbol page at the end. 

Our great love of the Moon is in keeping with our passion for nature. And sustainability is part of that too, of course. Our Moon Calendar, for example, is FSC-, PEFC- and IMPRIM VERT-certified.

‘A fun gift for yourself, your friends, your celestially minded coworker, whoever. This Moon Calendar is always at the top of our list!’

– goop 

Produced by Moonsisters in the Netherlands, The Moon Calendar is an international bestseller and in its fourth year of publication, comes with a ribbon and stickers of the Zodiac Signs. 


H 31mm, L 160mm  W 142mm

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