Menopause Support Survival Kit

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30ml Calm and Confident - 許多女性都會在更年期間感到憂心及焦慮,這款花精可以幫助你緊張不安時平靜下來。

30ml Sexy and Gorgeous  - 更年期女性容易失去自信,對自己身體情況特別敏感,這款花精可以幫你煥發光采。

30ml Easy Sleep spray - 這款噴霧混和了我們自家製作的薰衣草花水,讓你在輾轉難安的晚上,減少思緒,放鬆放下。



Menopause and Peri-menopause can be a difficult time for many. Not only do we have to deal with lots of physical shifts but with our decreasing hormone levels lots of emotional changes occur too….. and with that, our awareness of the world around us and our relationships change. Flower Essences are ideal tools to have by your side to help you cope and assimilate these changes.

So we’ve put this survival kit together to help with some of the more common ‘symptoms’ that women experience during this time.

This box contains:

30ml Calm and Confident combination essence to help with the increase in anxiety that many women experience. This is great for going into situations where you are feeling anxious and unsure and can be taken regularly to reduce panic and feeling of overwhelm.

30ml Sexy and Gorgeous combination essence for adding a bit of sparkle to your life as many women find that during menopause their self confidence and body image can suffer as well as their libido

30ml Easy Sleep spray. This is held in a calming and cooling lavender water that we distill ourselves as well as flower essences to help you stop worrying and let go. It is perfect for misting yourself when experiencing night sweats and are unable to sleep.

Also enclosed with this box comes a leaflet giving longer descriptions of each product.


Vodka Based.