LITA Asian Fit Earthy Legging 亞洲剪裁大地色系瑜伽褲

  • $318.00


- Spandex 優質布料彈性十足,配合瑜伽和一般運動需要
- 超級柔順舒適,猶如第二重肌膚
- 中高腰設計剛好包裹住小腹,格外顯瘦
- 亞洲剪截,長、寬度更適合亞洲身型
- 帶土壤色彩的大地色系,屬於大自然的安穩和溫暖感

Feel your skin and your muscle moving freely in the ultrasoft yoga leggings made with a second-skin fit and feel. 

- Spandex in the fabric to allow dynamic stretch for yoga and sports
- Smooth and soft to create the second-skin feel
- Mid to high-waist cutting up to belly button to sculpt the waist line
- Asian fit with just the right size and length
- Earthy tones to create a feeling of calm and warmth from our mother nature

Size Guide

S Waist 24-28 inches / Hip 32-36 inches
M Waist 28-30inches / Hip 36-38 inches
L Waist 30-32吋inches / Hip 38-40 inches