Juniper Mist Hippy Smudge Soap 廣藿香+ 丁香淨化手工皂

Juniper Mist

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每件手工皂都來自美國靈修聖地 Sedona,少量製造,每一片都注滿製作者滿滿的祝福



Cleanse, Relax and Purify

Take a deep breath and release negative energy with our new Smudge Soap. Attract positive energy and happiness in every shower and bath! The ritual extends to any areas of your space that need spiritual cleansing such as your home, crystals, sacred objects & energy field.

3 Scents For Any Occasion 

Sage Smudge Soap for a deep energy cleansing + Pure Lavender Smudge for instant relaxation + Hippy Smudge with patchouli and clove for an uplifting and delightful awakened bath experience. Find your favorite and come back for more!

Alternative To Burning Sage - This smokeless smudge soap is easy to use and helps remove negative energy while turning every shower and bath into a sacred ritual. It's the perfect partner to help you melt away the stress of a busy day and find your center in a crazy world.

Blessed In Sedona 

Our spiritual cleansing spray is small-batch crafted in Sedona AZ, the spiritual capital of the USA by our family company. Made with pure intention so that you get maximum freshness and a scent that is calming, energizing and transformational.

All Natural Ingredients 

Say goodbye to chemical-fragrance soaps that leave you feeling sticky and icky. Our Smudge Soap is made with ethically sourced pure essential oils and all natural ingredients; instantly eliminates negative energy to help you call in peace, joy and bliss!



Saponified Oils of Olive, Sunflower, Coconut and Palm, Spring Water, Patchouli and Clove Essential Oil, Ground Cloves