JADE Eco Harmony Mat 環保專業型瑜伽墊 4.8mm

JADE Eco Harmony Mat 環保專業型瑜伽墊 4.8mm

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JADE Eco Harmony Mat 環保專業型瑜伽墊 4.8mm


4.4 磅重,4.8mm 的厚度為身體提供足夠承托和緩衝 (cushioning),止滑效果極佳,適合專業瑜伽練習或墊上健身運動。173 cm 長,一般亞洲身高適用。


- 4.8 毫米(厚) X 60厘米(寬) X 173厘米(長) 

- 4.4 磅重 

- 天然橡膠製成,屬可再生資分解的環保素材

- 不含PVC/EVA塑膠及其他合成橡膠 

- 止滑效果極佳

- 4.8mm 厚度為身體提供足夠承托和緩衝 (cushioning)

- 專為旅行者而設 

- 美國製造 

- 生產過程通過美國環保、勞工及消費權益法例 

- 每售出一張墊,JADE 會種植一棵樹 


- 天然橡膠氣味會隨時日消散,但不會完全消失 

- 可放於通風位置散味 

- 清潔時以濕布輕抹即可 

- 切勿放於陽光可直射位置,會破壞天然橡膠

- 如需深層清潔,可混合 1:3 白醋及清水來抹淨,然後沖水及掠掛/平放吹乾


 - 3.2mm thick x 60cm(w) X 170cm(L) 

- 3.5 pounds 

- Natural Rubber, eco-friendly and renewable resources 

- Eco-friendly, no PVC EVA and other synthetic rubber 

- Strong grip 

- Great cushioning to support the body with 4.8mm if thickness

- Made for travellers 

- Made in USA 

- In compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws 

- 1 tree is planted for every mat sold 

Product care: 

- The natural rubber smell will dissipate over time but will not 100% vanish - Air the mat in a well-ventilated area 

- Wipe the mat with a damp cloth 

- Do not leave in direct sunlight as it will damage the natural rubber 

- For a deep clean, wash with a 1:3 white vinegar to water solution, then rise and hang/ lay flat to dry