Inner Star Oracle

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為相信魔法的人創造 -他們知道眼見之外的世界、能感應圍繞身邊的指引力量、憧憬活出有靈魂的生命。這副卡能充當一個小提醒,幫助打開內在智慧、想像力和直覺。



- 全套 55 張,圓角啞面厚卡

- 呎吋:82.5mm x 127mm 

- 68 頁說明書,詳列卡義及肯定語

- 硬盒包裝,耐用、美觀,方便珍藏


Sacred design to journey to the inner realms of your spirit.

Made for the magic seekers who know there’s more beyond what meets the eye, who sense the guiding energies around them, and who dream of living a soul fuelled life. The cards in this deck offer a little reminder of our inner wisdom, imagination and intuition.

They are inspired by sacred geometry, the stars that guide us, the moon, sun and all the elements that influence us, as well the natural world and messages from the universe.

The intention in creating this deck is that you find a gentle way of further unlocking parts of your spirit, your inner sage. To help you in trusting that inner wisdom, serving as a tool to receive guidance from your guides, and to help you on the path of healing your connection to your self.

 - 55 Cards with round corners on thick matt coated card stock.

- Card Size: 82.5 mm x 127mm 

- 68 Page Guidebook – with each card meaning and affirmation.

- Rigid Lid and Base style box – a beautiful way to store your cards.