Guardian of Gaia Pendant

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  • 幫助您打開,關閉或進入能量門戶(Portal) 
  • 幫助打開第三眼和心輪
  • 如果您準備邁向人生新一章,它可以全力支持你
  • 連接你與大地之母蓋亞(Gaia) 
  • 完美的冥想工具和精神指導


這個意識場叫做蓋亞的守門人(Gatekeepers of Gaia),他們保護,打開和關閉地球上自然存在的門戶(Portals),如通往地球內部與其他維度的門戶。


蓋亞的守護者責任重大,但是他們也很活潑,喜歡與許多不同種類的生物建立聯繫,並對 Gaia 懷有極大的熱愛。

許多地球的古文明,如土著,瑪雅人等,都知道有此一意識場,並經常與他們溝通,以尋求不同維度的視野,或只是簡單地請求 Gaia 的恩賜。

由於 Guaridian of Gaia 已經掌握了開啟門戶的技術,因此可以幫助您打開,關閉或進入門戶,是一個絕佳的冥想工具。



如果您準備張開翅膀,邁出新的步伐,那麼 Guardian of Pendant 絕對可以為你提供協助,打開一個全新的現實。

呎吋:59.6 × 51.65 × 5 mm

This beautiful geometric pendant is another powerful instrument.

It took us a while to get it “right”. But finally it is born, the Guardian of Gaia Pendant.

The Sacred Geometry of this Geometric Shape, strongly resonates with a very ancient field of consciousness. Which is closely related to the Ascended Masters of the 13 Crystal Skulls. Also known as the Council of 13.

This field of consciousness is known as the Gatekeepers of Gaia. They’re protecting, opening and closing natural occurring portals on Earth. Portals, for example, to Inner Earth and other dimensions.

Earth happens to be a hotspot for portals. It’s easy to reach for many extraterrestrial races and civilizations.

As you might have guessed, this is no coincidence. Earth is built this way. It’s a living Universal Library, and every library needs librarians to keep an eye on their “books”.

Meet the Guardians of Gaia.

They have a big responsibility, but they also have a very playful energy. Much like the Hathors, an Extraterrestrial race which was mainly present on Earth during the times of Ancient Egypt. They love to connect with many different kinds of living beings and have a big love for Gaia.

Many ancient civilizations from Earth, like the Aboriginals, Mayans etc. knew about this field of consciousness and communicated with them to ask for insights from other dimensions. Or to simply ask for permission to take something from Gaia. They mainly saw them as Nature Spirits, or Nature Beings.

What the Guardian of Gaia Pendant can do for you

Since they have mastered the art of portals, they can help you opening, closing or entering portals. So it’s definitely a good meditation tool.

If you happen to go to a place which is known for its portal hotspot, then you should definitely take the Guardian of Gaia Pendant with you and ask them to open a portal. Beautiful things might happen.

It can assist you with opening your Third Eye and your Heart Chakra, to be more prepared for Extraterrestrial contact.

If you’re ready to spread your wings and to take new steps in life, then the Guardian of Gaia can definitely assist you with that. It’s like entering a new reality.