GAIA Yoga Hand Mat 瑜伽手墊

  • $338.00

GAIA Yoga「Seed of Life」多用途瑜伽手墊,幫助瑜伽練習者隨時隨地



呎吋:64 厘米 長 X 33 厘米 闊 X 0.55 厘米 厚
重量:1.1 磅
物料:底層 天然橡膠 ; 面層 PU 


✅  針對手和腳距設計的迷你墊,輕巧便攜,適用於室內細小空間或戶外練習

✅  防跣


✅  0.55 厘米專業瑜伽墊厚度,為手腕及膝關節提供額外






中央印有神聖幾何 「Seed of Life 生命種子」,

可用作練習者倒立時的頭部或視線指引 (Drishti / yogic gaze)



✅  可鋪於在瑜伽教室的公用瑜伽墊上使用,保障個人衞生

🎈 凡購買任何 GAIA Yoga Hand Mat  瑜伽手墊,均送瑜伽手墊專用帆布袋一個 (價值 HKD 68),數量有限,售完即止。

🔸 凡購買此產品,將會以順豐免郵寄出,填寫地址時請於收貨地址一欄填上順豐站編號

A professional yoga mat in a small size to support your yoga practice everywhere, be it for a headstand, forearm or handstand, or to pad the sensible hand and knee joints. The light and small mat is also made for traveling and also limited practice space.

Size: 64 cm Length X 33 cm Width X 0.55 cm Thick
Weight: 1.1 lbs
Materials: Top - Natural Rubber; Bottom - PU

✅  Small and portable size made to support the hand, knees and feet,

ideal to fit into your small bags to carry outdoor or for limited storage/ practice space

✅  Strong grip for sweaty hands and feet

✅  0.55 thick, providing extra cushion for the wrists, elbow and knee joints, etc

✅  Practical alignment markers to guide the positions of your hands, feet and head

✅  An imprint of the sacred geometry 「Seeds of Life 」in the middle, guiding the Drishti (yogic gaze)in an asana

✅  No PVC and Formaldehyde

✅  Perfect to go with the shared mats at studios for better personal hygiene

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