GAIA Eco-friendly Cork Block 環保水松瑜伽磚

  • $128.00

- 22厘米(長) x 14 厘米(寬) x 5厘米(高)

- 取自再生資源,可生物降解

- 超級防滑,不容易意外跣手或推倒

- 天然防塵、防水及昆蟲

- 高度防菌

- 高密度,提供更穩定的支撐

- 令練習更得心應手,如在三角式時用作手足的伸延,或用於支撐英雄坐式等

- 易於清洗及保養

- 符合歐盟法規,不含PVC塑膠及有害物質

- 每售出一個磚,GAIA會捐出HKD10支持環保慈善團體

產品保養 :



- 22cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 7cm(H)

- Recyclable and biodegradable

- Exceptional traction to avoid accidental slips

- Naturally resist dust, water and insects

- Highly antibacterial

- Firm and durable, providing solid and stable support

- Provide extra support to your practice, i.e. to support you when you sit in Hero Pose or as an extension of limbs in a triangle pose

Easy to clean and maintain

- HK$10 will be donated by GAIA to support a GREEN-related charity for every piece of block sold

Product care :

Cork is self-cleaning. Take a damp cloth and wipe away any dirt or oil build up. That's it!