Wild Planet Aromatherapy ESCAPE Incense Sticks

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寧靜、沉思、富於古老的傳神秘感,靈感來自世界各地古老的寺廟和教堂的焚香儀式。 深沉的木質基調,由乳香、雪松和廣藿香精油組成的芳香中調,完美捕捉這些神聖地方的神秘色彩。




不含合成香料、Parabens、pphthalates、人工色素、零殘忍及純素食 **不含動物源成分。
- 使用香草和香料的天然手捲香, 在肯特工作室注入純精油
- 一盒 20 支香,大約燃燒時間:每支 20 分鐘
- 再生紙 +卡片製成的黑盒子


An inspiring blend of pure essential oils for meditation.

Aroma Tranquil, contemplative and full of ancient mysticism. Inspired by the fragrant smoke and ritual burning of incense from ancient temples and churches around the world.

A deep woody base with an aromatic heart blended with Frankincense, Cedarwood and Patchouli essential oils, that perfectly captures the mystery of these sacred places. One of our favourite wax melts to use whilst meditating.

Benefits - This tranquil scent will help elevate your mind and uplift your spirits, inspiring feelings of tranquility and ideal to use in your meditation practice.

Free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, cruelty free and vegan* *No ingredient of animal origin.

  • Natural hand rolled incense using herbs and spices
  • Box of 20 incense sticks | Approximate burn time: 20 minutes each stick
  • Black box made from recycled paper + card
  • Infused with pure essential oils in our Kent studio