DISPLAY SALE! Medallion Diffuser Necklace (Silver ) 銀幣擴香頸鍊

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My absolute favorite piece—I’ve worn this almost every single day since I found her. This sunny little babe has got a story to tell! I had this piece in mind when I went to a local gem show with my mom and sister last year. I knew exactly what I was looking for and wouldn’t stop digging until I found it. I know it’s ironic that it took a treasure hunt to find a compass! We searched for hours through miles of tables full of saucer-sized trays, looking through every slot on those trays for this exact piece. My family may have thought I was crazy when I passed over dozens of coins and suns and other round tokens in search of this, but I would not compromise my vision—and here she is in all her glory, now specially made for us by another small business. Wear her with anything. She is a 24/7 knockout.

Our collection of Diffuser Necklaces feature a small braided diffuser piece where you can apply your oils. The diffuser will fall at the back of your neck for discrete diffusing with huge benefits.


  • Shiny silver  plated compass charm
  • 20" gold or silver plated brass chain
  • Light gray braided diffuser piece for diffusing essential oils which can be removed if desired
  • Unique faux suede material will diffuse essential oils for hours
  • Wipe necklace clean after wearing to preserve the life of your jewelry
  • Please keep dry and remove when bathing or swimming

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