Cosmic Table Cloth 宇宙主題塔羅布

  • $258.00

英國 Astrosoul 團隊精心設計的塔羅布,宇宙主題,素絲綢設計,質感光滑,可用以展開牌陣作塔羅閱讀,或者作為飾物或絲巾。質料上乘,奢華而耐用,非一般塔羅布可比擬。

呎吋:80 cm x 80 cm 



1. 冷水手洗,自然風朝。避免放於洗衣或乾衣機。

2. 如有皺痕,翻到圖案背面,以低温輕燙。

A hand-designed table cloth to read your oracle cards from or simply wear as an accessory for bonus style points!

The unique design reflects the energy of the cosmic sky and is made from vegan silk with a foil finish. As a result of the unique printing technique the table cloth is very durable and made to the highest quality.

Size: 80 x 80 cm

Fabric: Vegan silk


Hand wash in cold water with delicate soap. Rinse and air dry. Do not use the washing machine or dryer. To remove any creasing, iron on a low temperature on the reverse side contrary to where the print is.