〖 RESTORE 〗 Crystal Candle Jar with Rose Quartz

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AROMA - A subtle sweet scent to perfume the air with its' unmistakable rosy floral scent mingled with uplifting top notes. A pretty blend of indulgent Rose Absolute (玫瑰原精),geranium ( 天竺葵)and bergamot ( 佛手柑)essential oils.

BENEFITS - Infused with gorgeous soft pink gemstones of rose quartz ( 粉晶), known for their ability to attract unconditional love and compassion. This balancing blend will help enhance your wellbeing when you are feeling emotionally low.

An extra gift - Once your candle has finished burning you will find a Rose Quartz Crystal embedded at the base of the jar. To retrieve your stone, wait for the candle jar to cool completely and gently prize the crystal from the base. Wash with warm water and either carry it with you, display it or place it in a special place. Keep stones away from small children. Each crystal measures a minimum of 2cm. 


Burning time: 25-30 hrs

Size: 100ml