Orca Pendant 虎鯨精素項鍊

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This pendant has a strong effect on the heart chakra and connects us to the fifth dimension. It connects us with our inner power and enables us to draw from our potential to connect with the light.I n this dimension we become aware of cause and effect, how thoughts manifest themselves. It also makes us aware of our shadows and inner fears, and helps us to overcome them internally by strengthening our self-confidence and stregthening our self-esteem. So we can focus the energies on the heart chakra and develop inner trust and connect with God. In this trust, we know that we are protected by God and in his hands.


長型水滴玻璃 5.5cm 長 x 1.2cm 寬,這款設計無法打開換精素攜帶。原廠提供配有 30cm 長度的雙蠟棉繩(可拆)、包裝小盒子。台灣中心加給黑絨布袋與短鏈,方便您多種使用方式。


因玻璃為易碎品,不建議 10 歲以下兒童使用。


品牌介紹:PHI 洲際大地系列