Coconut Matter Classic Cotton string tote 輕便環保綿繩袋

  • $98.00

一向奉行無塑膠包裝的 Coconut Matter 出了這款綿繩袋,輕便又環保,日常購物或送禮時作無塑包裝亦可。內置密底小布袋,方便你放入鎖匙和電話等零碎小物。摺起來體積細小,放進手袋作常備物,實用又美觀。

This classic cotton string tote is our top favourite plastic free swap. Custom-made with a pouch for keys, phone and everything small - you are ready to hit the town, walk on the beach or take a quick trip to your local supermarket, this trendy tote bag is perfect for all occasions. 

Scrunch the reusable bag into its pouch and pop it into your handbag for those just-in-case moments. We love how it stretches and expands to fit anything you put in - fruits and veggies, lunchbox, wine, and even your laptop.

You don't have to be perfect with your plastic-free journey, small conscious changes are better than none at all. We would love to hear how you go taking small steps to reducing plastic waste.