MOOD Natural Deodorant 天然止汗香體膏 (五款氣味)

  • $140.00


「MOOD」止汗香體膏系列,採用全天然植物及礦物成分,膏狀設計和順滑質感便於塗抹,直接於腋下抹 3 至 5 次,有效一整天。每天使用,一支可用 4 至 5 個月。

如有使用含有代學成分的止汗產品的習慣,肌膚一般需要10至14日排毒期,讓舊有止汗產品的殘餘物排走,並讓肌膚重返平衡狀態。建議使用 Coconut Matter - WOOD 有機椰子油去角質手工皂,促進腋下排毒過程。





有機葛粉 – 吸收水分

有機野生椰子油 - 抗菌

氫氧化鎂錠 - 調節皮膚 pH 值、吸收氣味

大麻籽油 - 抗炎

柠檬酸三乙酯 - 抑制細菌分解,避免產生臭味

接骨木實提取物 - 抗菌劑

蓖麻油酸鋅 - 吸收引起體味的分子



Free (藍色包裝) - 無味,母乳媽媽及使用香水人士 (不希望與香水味渾和) 首選

Hero (綠色包裝) -  薄荷、尤加利及迷迭香,中性清新氣味

Zen (啡色包裝) - 雪松天然木味,感覺中性平和

Spring (紫色包裝)  - 薰衣草,氣味輕柔,長期熱賣

Bliss (黃色包裝)- 檸檬草、青檸、乳香,尤如去了泰國做 SPA 一樣清新


MOOD Deodorant is formulated with a balanced combination of carefully selected plants and minerals to achieve a harmonious effect.

Organic Arrowroot – absorbs moisturise
Organic WILD Coconut oil – antibacterial
Magnesium Hydroxide – adjust skin pH and absorbs odour
Hemp Seed oil –anti-inflammatory
Triethyl Citrate – inhibit bacterial decomposition to prevent odour
Elderberry fruit extract – antimicrobials agent
Zinc Ricinoleate – absorbs odour molecules

MOOD deodorants are handcrafted in small batches and effectively stem body odour using plant and mineral ingredients. Using a variety of organic, fairly traded and cruelty-free ingredients, the deodorants are designed for enlightened consumers who care about how they treat both their body and the planet.

Let yourself go with FREE’s au natural comfort. Glides on dry and silky, this deodorant blends nature’s goodness to keep you fresh all day.

MOOD deodorants are fully biodegradable from content to packaging. Each tube last for four to five months with daily use.


If you have been using antiperspirant, it could take a 10 to 14 days for natural deodorant to reach optimal performance. Your underarms need to flush out and rebalance its skin microbiome from previous products. We recommend you to use our WOOD exfoliate coconut oil soap to expedite the detox process. Do keep in mind that natural deodorants won’t stop sweat. They work to prevent body odour when things heat up.

Discontinue if rash or irritation occurs. Do not use on broken skin.