Clear Light

Clear Light

Findhorn Flower Essences

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yes 平靜思緒,提升專注

yes 促進學習、寫作和靜思

yes 有效表達想法




用法: 隨你需要,噴於舌下、皮膚或空間。每次兩至三下。



Enhance mental clarity and concentration

yes quiet your mind and focus

yes  increase learning, writing and meditation

yes  communicate thoughts and ideas effectively

  lack of concentration, dreamy, easily distracted

  agitation, restlessness, wandering mind

  mental dullness and lethargy

Dose directions: Spray directly into the mouth, or on the skin or in the aura, as frequently as required. 2 to 3 pumps each time. 

Clear Light is made by combining flower essences of Birch, Broom, Lady's Mantle, Rose Alba, Scots Pine and Wild Pansy.