Botanical Palo Santo Nourishing Conditioner 320mL

Botanical Palo Santo Nourishing Conditioner 320mL

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因此,在 Sacred Body Rituals,我們為你所有頭髮問題研發了天然護髮素。 採用東南亞優質植物成份,加入我們特別調配的、來自厄瓜多爾可持續源頭的聖木精油,讓你秀髮維持柔順豐盈。

Finding the perfect hair conditioner for your unmanageable, frizzy, and damaged hair can be a difficult process.

The hunt becomes even more difficult if you are looking for a natural hair conditioner. A conditioner that is suitable that gives you luscious and bouncy hair and is also made of natural ingredients.

So at Sacred Body Rituals, we have compiled our own natural conditioner for all your hair problems. 

Hand-blended with South East Asia's finest botanicals and infused with our very special bland of essential oils featuring sustainably sourced Palo Santo oil from Ecuador!