Black Bark Tree Mist - Tree of Self Knowledge ( 30mL spray)

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Black Bark 教導我們,做神聖的自己是唯一所需,移除討好他人的需求,做回真正的自己,解放我們的生命力。我在謙卑之中,觸及內在的真實力量。Black Bark 帶領我們察覺到羞恥或不被愛的部分,幫助我們理解:我們是有能力改變潛意識中的慣性行為,讓我們回到內心,感覺回到了家。





噴霧搭配精油:乳香、茉莉、南非天竺葵、Wilde Els


The Black Bark teaches us that being our authentic self is all that is required. By removing the need to be other than who we truly are, our life force is liberated. Paradoxically, in our humility we access our true, authentic power. By bringing our awareness to those parts of ourselves that we find shameful or unlovable, black bark may enable us to gain a greater understanding of unconscious patterns of behaviour that we then have the ability to transform. The black bark can assist us with centering and enhances the sense of feeling at home in your own skin.

Affirmation: My inner Light is a gift to the world. I shine my Light and rejoice in its beauty.

Enhances: Openness, Balance , Self-Worth

Tree Essence: Black Bark

Essential oils: Frankincense, jasmine, fynbos oils: wilde els and rose geraniumTree 

Colour Essence: Gold

Suggested Uses: Mist throughout the energy field to balance all of the chakras. Lovely to use for the transition time between childhood and adolescence; enhances sense of being at home in your own skin.