Atlantean Priestess Pendant

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關於亞特蘭提斯 (Altantis) 是如何及為何被創造,有許多不同的傳說。其中一個故事提到,這是一次天界實驗,目的是了解在地球上轉生的靈魂是否可以生活在肉體中,並同時保持與聖靈(Spirit) 的聯繫。


另一個故事說,亞特蘭斯人是由來自地球外的高等生物創造的,具有創造知識。他們建造了,使它可以成為喚醒絕對靈魂(Absolute Empowerment))的覺醒之地。

關於亞特蘭 斯的許多故事中,有一些共同點,就是亞特蘭 斯女祭司這個角色。

亞特蘭 斯女祭司

亞特蘭 斯人普遍有療癒的能力,但最厲害的是亞特蘭 斯女祭司們,她們通常是來自地球以外的靈性生物。


因此,亞特蘭斯女祭司被稱為亞特蘭斯長老,她們了解古老的奧秘以及宇宙法則。更重要的是,她們明白神聖的思想來自所有創造的源頭。她們是光的給予者,引領人們的意識回到 Absoulte Empowerment - 愛- 之內。

Atlantean Priestess 吊墜

Atlantean Priestess吊墜可用作靈性工具,連結亞特蘭 斯女祭司的能量和知識。

您可以利用這些能量和知識來療癒自己,並使自己重新調頻至 Golden Atlantean 的頻率。你也可以使用它療癒其他人。


呎吋:34.3 x 53.9 x 12mm

附送 80cm 長蠟繩及首飾袋。



There are many different stories of how and why Atlantis was created. One of these stories mentions it’s a Celestial Experiment to see if souls that incarnated on Earth could live in a physical body and retain their connection with Spirit at the same time.

Atlantean Priestesses were there to help people recover their connection with Spirit. These Priestesses were highly psychic, made amazing technological progress and enjoyed true spiritual power.

Another story says Atlantis was created by and for Higher Beings from Extraterrestrial origin with the knowledge of CREATION. They built it so it could be the place of soul awakening to Absolute Empowerment, with the help of Atlantean crystals, Atlantis myths and ancient Atlantis wisdom.

And so there are many more stories about the creation of Atlantis. But all these stories do have something in common. And most particular the Atlantean High Priestesses and Priests.

Atlantean High Priestesses

The Atlantean people had a vast knowledge of healing and were in touch with their natural healing power. But the best healers were the Atlantean High Priestesses and Priests. These healers were often incarnated Spiritual Beings from Extraterrestrial Origin, such as beings from the Galactic Federation, the Melchezadick order and the Brothers of Light.

The Atlantean High Priestesses and Priests used crystals, color and sound to heal. In addition, they were highly telepathic and communicated through their thoughts. They healed people by aligning the body, mind and Spirit with certain Sacred or ‘Golden’ Frequencies.

Therefore the Atlantean High Priestesses and Priests were known as the Elders of Atlantis. The Elders of Atlantis understood the ancient mysteries and Universal laws. Even more, they held the highest positions in Atlantis. They understood that divine thought came from the source of all Creation. They were the way giver of Light to get human consciousness back to Absolute Empowerment, known as Love.

The Atlantean Priestess Pendant

The Atlantean Priestess Pendant can be used as a spiritual vehicle to tap into the energies of the Atlantean (High) Priestesses their healing energies and knowledge.

You can use these energies and knowledge to your advantage to heal yourself and realign yourself with the Golden Atlantean Frequencies. But you can also use it to heal others with these energies and frequencies.

Besides healing, this pendant can help you find your core strength. So you can be in your power and take leadership of your life once more. So you’ll be able to guide other people to find their light.