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YOGA Yoga (North Point)
Address (Google Map)Rm 1813, Wellborne Commercial Centre, 8 Java Road, North Point
( 7-min from MTR station North Point Exit A1, or Fortress Hill Exit B)
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GAIA is a boutique yoga studio that aims at offering holistic healing to the community. From regular, small group to one-on-one private classes, GAIA offers a variety of yoga, singing bowl healing, wellness and therapy classes. The small class size of no more than 10 students allows the instructors to take the best care of each individual. 

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About the classes

Aerial Yoga
Hatha Basics/ Beginners' Workshop
Hatha Yoga

Yin Yoga
Deep Stretching 
Mindful Yoga w. Singing Bowls
Meridian Yoga Therapy
Yoga Ring
Yoga Wheel


To start your yoga journey with us

1. REGISTER your free membership .
2. Check the latest schedule and BOOK a class.
3. Instal the booking APP: ISO or Android
4. Tips for booking and paying online, see below.


Step 1 - Register as a GAIA Yogi


Step 2: Choose "My Schedule" from the drop down menu on the top right corner


Step 3: Click "Buy Now" under "My Membership"


Step 4: Choose a single class or a package to buy


Step 5: Input the date of your first class as the start date of your class package


Step 6: Confirm and pay


Final step: Book a class


See you in the class!