〖 [ Deep Slumber ]Crystal Candle Jar with Amethyst

  • $862.00

AROMA - An unwinding essential oil blend of soothing lavender (薰衣草)has been elevated with calming mandarin(柑橘)and a tranquil layer of vetiver ( 岩蘭草)that creates an earthy, enduring aroma.

BENEFITS - One of our most relaxing blends to help you unwind and have a good night's sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and rested. Infused with a purple amethyst ( 紫水晶)stone to help cleanse and calm the mind and combat insomnia.

An aroma that will help lift your overall mood to bring emotional balance and help calm your mind.

An extra gift - Once your candle has finished burning you will find an amethyst crystal embedded at the base of the jar. To retrieve your stone, wait for the candle jar to cool completely and gently prize the crystal from the base. Wash with warm water and either carry it with you, display it or place it in a special place. Keep stones away from small children. Each crystal measures a minimum of 2cm.

Free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, cruelty free and vegan* *No ingredient of animal origin.

Burning time: 25-30 hrs