Chakra Suncatcher ( with slight defect )

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This chakra sun catcher is made with gemstone beads and a faceted Feng Shui crystal ball. Each gemstone correlates to one of the seven chakras and they are spaced by pyrite beads. A popular Feng Shui cure, the crystal ball disperses 'chi', encouraging movement of stagnant energies. Hang near a natural source of sunlight and enjoy rainbow prisms cast around the room as sun shines through the crystal. 

25cm in length. 

Root chakra 

Carnelian: stimulates passion, creativity and motivation, protects against fear, envy and rage. 

Sacral chakra 

Orange aventurine: encourages perseverance, vitality, creativity and motivation

Solar plexus 

Yellow calcite: increases personal power and a sense of self-growth

Heart chakra 

Green Aventurine: luck, prosperity, creativity, heart-healing and soothing

Throat chakra 

Blue Lace Agate: soothing and calming, aids communication and meditation

Third Eye 

Lapis Lazuli: aids awareness and judgement 

Crown chakra 

Amethyst: stone of meditation and peace, connects us with our true spiritual nature 


Pyrite: abundance, manifestation, positivity, protection, spiritual development 


Feng Shui - enhances all quadrants, best placed near window